External and internal measuring instruments

Flexible in use

VARICORD measures external and internal lengths. Four basic instruments cover a range from approx 300 to 3000 mm. The instruments have an adjusting range of up to 150 mm. Additionally further intermediate elements extend the range of use. A speciality of VARICORD is its 10 mm measuring range. This simplifies setting and measuring. Because of its modular design the instrument can be used for various applications.

Unique design

VARICORD combines the latest measuring technology with the advantages of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic. The combination is unique: the development of the measuring head is based on the long experience of KORDT and this is now combined with a carbon tube which is specially designed for this application. As a result, an extremely light, temperature-stable and at the same time high precision length measuring instrument appears.

High precision and long life

VARICORD is designed to be used in the production area. The ball bearing measuring contacts are unaffected by dirt and fluids. Because of the low thermal expansion coefficient of the carbon fibre, set length is maintained over time. Backstops, different measuring tips and other accessories enhance the versatility of the instrument.


CORDIPAR 4675 is a high-precision length measuring instrument. With its unique design it is possible to measure external and internal measures with one setting only. CORDIPAR can be also used to measure difference between external and internal dimensions (differential measurement), and bore or groove distances. Together with thread measuring rollers 5086 the determination of pitch diameter is possible.