Thread Depth Checking Gauges

The function and stability of a thread connection depends on a correct screwing in depth of the thread. For this reason checking of this length is more and more required. On the other hand the thread needs only be as long as necessary to fulfill its purpose.

The thread depth is often defined by suppliers and customers in different ways. The result is expensive rework or replacement of components. You can avoid these costs.

High rentability

The monitoring of the thread depth at the production of internal thread the CORDICHECK offers a high potential of savings: the time of process can be optimized and the costs of tools minimized. There is no need of an additional thread plug gauge.

High reliability

CORDICHECK guarantees a correct measurement method according to standards*. The enclosed certificate of quality documents this to your clients. The thread depth adjustment marking is fixed on the screw plug gauge of CORDICHECK 5311 therefore deadjustment is not possible. Even after replacing the thread member no recalibration is necessary. The scale is resistant against mechanical stress and additional markings may be put on the scale itself or the opposite surface. The scale will not be changed.

Easy handling

The depth measurement will be done at the same time as the gauging of the thread. The scale is easy and precisely readable. A setting master is not necessary. Exchanging of the gauge member can be done by the user himself. With the gauge coating CORDALOX the gauge members reach a significant longer life time.