Thread Testing Machines

TRANSICORD is a module to install into semi-automatic and fully automatic testing and sorting fixtures or transfer lines. TRANSICORD is used for high speed automatic gauging, testing components according to the relevant standards and thread gauge specifications.

CORDIVIT 5930 thread testing hand machine can be used for testing external and internal threads up to a nominal diameter of approx. 30 mm. Using CORDIVIT 5930 for internal thread testing the special thread members 5960 V10 and 5961 V10 are used. They are equiped with a patented screw-in-assistance. This simplifies finding the start of the workpiece thread, especially with soft materials like aluminium. This, together with the precise torque control, provides additional protection for the workpiece thread. For cleaning the thread a dirt groove can be added. For testing external threads a GO thread ring gauge is used.

TRANSICORD with  robot

VIDEO: TRANSICORD 10500 in combination with 6-axis robot.