External Thread Measuring Instruments

KORDT External Thread Measuring Instruments are designed for workshop use:

  • Three-Points-Measuring
  • robust construction
  • high repeatablility
  • easy to handle

The three rollers are arranged to enclose the test piece. This ensures a secure positioning during the measurement. Form errors like „orbiform" and „oval" can be detected.

With KORDT Measuring Instruments screw threads according to almost all National and International Standards can be checked. Besides this some special threads (e.g. Ball Screw Thread, Saw Thread) can be delivered.

Advantages using measuring instruments instead of gauges:

  • setting of the production machine at its optimum
  • use of the production tolerance
  • production monitoring/SPC
  • documentation and statistic via measuring computer
  • avoid of waster by early diagnosis
  • short checking times
  • little wearing, long life time
  • quick calibration with thread setting master
  • flexible use