Internal Thread Measuring Instruments

CORDITEST measuring instruments are designed to check internal threads, recesses and internal distances. Ball bearing measuring slides guarantee a precise and secure measurement. A large free travel makes an insertion of the measuring force is adjustable. All KORDT instruments are equipped with an analog dial gauge but can also be delivered with dial indicator, digital dial gauge or electronic probe. In combination with a stand hand instruments turn to table units.

Advantages of KORDT thread measuring instruments vs. thread gauges:

  • less wearing
  • simple calibration
  • process-monitoring and -control
  • acceleration of checking time
  • statistics and documentation via connected computer
  • more information with the differential measuring methods
  • optimal setting of the production machine

Characteristics of CORDITEST instruments:

  • measuring instruments for internal thread from 3 - 560 mm nominal diameter
  • no sticking of the measuring pinol at dirty environment conditions
  • 8 mm reception for all common indicators
  • interchangeable measuring elements for different profils, plane diameters and recesses
  • use of measuring-jaws, -rollers and -anvils
  • for all national and international standard- and special-threads
  • friction free, ball-beared measuring accuracy
  • usable as hand- or table-unit
  • adjustable measuring force
  • robust and lastin design

CORDITEST threat measuring instruments are uses either with thread measuring jaws or thread-rollers:

Thread measuring jaws consist of two segments of anvits which both carry thread. These elements are touching the work-piece in the axis of the thread and cover a large part of the thread at the same time. Because of their design the jaws achieve a high rigidity. The setting can be done either by a thread setting ring or a plane setting ring via the setting cylinder resp. the external diameter of the jaws.

From a nominal diameter of ca. 31. mm thread measuring rollers can be uses instead. The rollers cover the whole range of the instrments as wll as the right hand and left hand thread. The measuring rolles just have to be replaced if the pitch changes. The setting can be done either by a thread setting ring or via the external diameter of the rollers with a plane setting ring or with slip gauges and a special slip gauge holder.