New instrument arrived

This time it is not a measuring instrument. It is a grant piano from 1906. This Pleyel was refurbished by the former CEO Dr. Otmar Jantzen and is now installed in the company due to the 75 year anniversary in 2022.


Many thanks to Daniel Brech of PIANOsolo for his energetic support.

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We support the IMANI eductation project in Kenya

IMANI Ausbildungsprojekt

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Conversion to ISO/IEC 17025:2018 successful

Reaccreditation confirmed
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Measurement in large vertical turning machines

When using vertical turning mills, an horizontal measuring instrument is required to measure the diameter. To perform this measurement with great precision, KORDT has invented a support rack, which holds the measuring gage in place, possibly at different heights.
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Wireless measurement of internal thread at track rod ends

The test values of the pitch diameter of internal thread on track rod ends have to be transmitted in a digital way. To remain the liberty of action with the thread testing hand instrument CORDITEST a bluetooth digital dial gauge is combined with a read out unit of SYLVAC. With a foot switch the transfer of the measuring value is released. With that the hands are free for measuring numbers.

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We have issued a new version of our brochure for thread depth measuring instruments CORDICHECK

Titel Einschraubtiefen-Prüfgeräte

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Replacement for older models of TRANSICORD

10470V2 Gewindeprüfautomate For older models of TRANSICORD we have developed a preplacement.

All specifications and security devices are on an up to date status. The construction dimensions are nearly the same like before.


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TESTICORD for long tools

TESTICORD 6142 is a universal measuring bench for tools. Now the product family is added with a size for long tools.TESTICORD 6241 für lange Werkzeuge

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New at CONTROL: AXICORD 6400 run-out measuring instrument for production use

The AXICORD 6400 is the new run-out measuring instrument for production use. Up to now only the thread receiving devices are delivered. Special thread plugs or rings gauges are receiving the component. At CONTROL we will show other possiblities: e.g. hydro clamping or collett chuck for components without thread.The new design makes vertical and horizontal measuring orientation possible.


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Snap gauge 1600 mm

The CORDAMETER snap gauge is redesigned. Due to this the weight is reduced even more. This is promising an improvement of the already good measurements. A measuring instrument with a measuring range of 1500 to 1600 mm and a measuring span of 10 mm was just send to the client.
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F1 in School Karls-Production Team wins design price at German Masters

The team Karls-production wins design price at F1 in School German Masters and ended 7th in the over all standings. We congratulate your team!
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Mearurement of Trilobulare Bolt Screws

To measure trilobular bolt srews CORDAMETER 7150 is equipt with a prismatic measuring face. The CORD 13000 read out unit calculats the correct value and shows the MIN and MAX value.
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exhibition CONTROL, Stuttgart

26. – 29. April 2016, Stuttgart

Visit us Stand in Hall 7

Booth-No. 7404

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horizontal diameter measurement on large planet carriers

Large planet carriers are produced on rotary table turning machines. Hence the measurement of diameters have to be executed in horizontal orientation. CORDAMETER can be equiped for this purpose with special backstops.
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Infoportal für Messnormteile eröffnet [en]

Kostenlose CAD-Modelle zum Herunterladen
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